¡El viaje escolar más caro!

The most expensive school trip!

The most expensive school trip!

The class trip is said to have cost more than 2,000 euros for each of the students. However, the money for the crazy experience came not from the students’ parents, but from the educational and participation package. Funding comes from the BuT, which aims to enable children and youth from families with little or no income to participate in school trips and other excursions.

In Berlin, however, this funding is not “limited”, which means that here Unlimited amounts can be requested from the school. For example, more than 2000 euros for a school trip to New York.

Party like Gatsby

The English teacher in the class was delighted with the idea of ​​flying to New York: “We have dealt with the US a lot in the last semesters, […] I thought it made sense to go to New York. ” The students had read a variety of readings in English in class, such as “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which was another motivation for the school principal to approve the trip. But now she realizes that the school received too much money from the funding program.

Applications are generally for The contributions of this financing program remain in the range of 300 to 700 euros. However, since the 15 students came from families who were entitled to these payments, there was no protest, because all the parents were able to send the amounts to the work centers in Berlin.

The students have definitely enjoyed their time and Principal Rainer Völkel also sees that his approval was not necessarily appropriate: “I gave up once and that was too much.”

What do you think about students getting paid for the trip?