"Lo mas importante en la vida": Para que pueda ver los próximos episodios ahora

"The most important thing in life": So you can watch the next episodes now

"The most important thing in life": So you can watch the next episodes now

VOX’s third fictional production “The Most Important in Life” got off to a successful start the week before. If you want to continue watching after the new episodes have aired, you can do so on TV Now.

TVNOW / Martin Rottenkolber

After the second VOX series, “Milk & Honey” failed in 2018, RTL’s sister station VOX hopes to join the success of the first fiction production of its own “Club der rote Bänder” with “The most important of the lifetime”. And that could work: with the start on June 5, 2019, from the point of view of the quota, a promising start was made, which was even crowned again with the second episode of the double episode. And online access has not yet been taken into account. This means that episodes of “The Most Important Things in Life” can also be viewed through the RTL TV Now streaming service, even before the respective TV broadcast.

“The most important thing in life” on TV Now

On VOX, “The Most Important Thing in Life” is currently running every Wednesday starting at 8.15pm in double episodes. On June 12, 2019, the third and fourth episodes of the ten-part first season will air there. If you can’t wait to see how things go in the turbulent everyday life of the Fankhauser family (including Jürgen Vogel and Bettina Lamprecht), you’ve got it. Possibility to continue watching TV Now directly. The next episodes are always available there one week before the free TV premiere.

The offer is basically part of the platform’s premium paid offer (which now also includes some US series, movies and exclusively produced content, such as the series “M – A city is looking for a murderer”). But since you can prove this with a free trial month, those who have not used it yet can watch “The Most Important Things in Life” in advance for free, the season finale will be available on June 26, 2019 on TV Now.

Since there are only two new episodes a week, but also online, you have to wait seven days between double episodes. However, in the end you are at least a week ahead of viewers with the season, which will only be able to watch the latest episode on July 3 on VOX.

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