Nuevo: Discover en la aplicación de Google se está rediseñando nuevamente

The most popular technique in Google Shopping

Google has released a Top 100 for its own shopping platform, and when it comes to technology, smartphones are still at the forefront.

In its Shopping 100, Google provides information on particularly interesting products that users have often searched on Google. Google breaks this down into different categories, including, of course, a technology category. In the most trending products, the Google Home Mini ranks first, followed by the current Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and in third place are the new Nvidia Shield models. Already in fourth place with the Moto One Action, the next smartphone. There are no expensive high-end smartphones among them.

With Google Shopping 100, you can see for the first time products that are becoming increasingly popular based on Google searches.

Unfortunately, Google Shopping 100 only refers to the US market, although some of the products are also available in Germany. In the sports and fitness category, for example, Garmin ranked fourth as the only smartwatch on these lists. However, with the Descent Mk1, a smartwatch for a whopping € 999.99.

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