El nuevo iPhone SE debería verse espantosamente anticuado

The new iPhone SE should look hideously dated

The new iPhone SE should look hideously dated

Apple rarely makes experiments or big jumps, but the new iPhone SE is a lot like a trip back in time. Hello 2016.

After a long hiatus, Apple wants to go back to serving customers who don’t have the change needed for a new iPhone or who simply want to spend less money. A new iPhone SE should be on the way, because the predecessor was a success. And the competition is surprising on a similar level with more and more devices. Now, however, there is a leak that seems scary to me, because the new Apple iPhone SE 2 will probably look anything but new. A reliable source shows the age of the new iOS smartphone.

Show the edges as far as the eye can see

Of course, the design is a matter of taste and there is no doubt that this smartphone has a familiar look. Nonetheless, Apple can also rely a bit more on itself, even in the cheapest price ranges. Installing a screen with only 4.7 ″ on a smartphone with a length of 138.5 mm does not fit in the year 2019 or 2020. Sony was able to do that two years ago and even before that, because there was more screen (5 ″) in a box smaller (135 mm).

After all, the new iPhone SE has tried and tested onboard strengths, including the classic home button with Touch ID. And Apple can certainly achieve good sales figures with it again. In any case, the margin is large since no money has been invested in hardware design. Compared to the first iPhone SE, the new model would have a 0.7 ″ larger screen, but it would also be 15 mm longer.

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