La pesadilla para muchos "Guerra de las Galaxias"-Fan: spoilers por errores en la proyección del cine

The nightmare for many "Star Wars"-Fan: spoilers for errors in the cinema projection

For many fans of “Star Wars” it is the ultimate nightmare: discover in advance what will happen in “The Force Awakens.” This should be especially bad if this happens due to a bug in the detection itself …

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Not everyone got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the midnight preview. Many who were only able to see the movie in the days after, or perhaps haven’t even seen it, are now trying to avoid spoilers and that’s tough. Be it a lively discussion of people leaving the movies or on the train, a comment on Facebook, etc. Spoilers lurk everywhere. But it should be really bad if you’ve managed to avoid spoilers, sit in the theater full of anticipation, and then get the movie there thanks to the technology and mistakes of the theater. This is what happened to visitors to one of the film’s first American screenings over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Some of the biggest “Star Wars” fans sat in the theater full of anticipation. They got tickets for the midnight preview so they were among the first people to see in the US The demo started, but suddenly there was an error and the projectors stopped. When it started again, the movie did not start at the beginning, but much later, in the middle of a critical scene. Before the projectors stopped again, audiences saw some crucial moments from the film: BEWARE OF SPOILERS! – for example, the destruction of an entire planet and Rey’s experiences in Maz Kanata’s basement surrounding the discovery of a lightsaber.

How a cinema full of “Star Wars” fans reacts in this case (it must be taken into account that the public did not know at this time that the jump was not so advanced and that they could have been much worse scenes for them …) moviegoers have noted: