"La perfección" en Netflix: eso está detrás de los giros en el thriller de terror

"The perfection" on Netflix: that’s behind the twists and turns in the horror thriller

Richard Shepard’s “The Perfection” has been available on Netflix for a few days, and it has a few surprises in store that give the film a whole new face. The director has now revealed why twists are so important to the film.


Warning, spoilers for “The Perfection” will follow!

Running for just 90 minutes, Netflix’s new thriller is a pleasantly entertaining cinematic experience, yet there’s plenty of room for twists and turns. The story of cellist Charlotte (Allison William), who was once the figurehead of a first-class music academy and eventually left her to care for her ailing mother, only begins with her return to the world of music. Her friend Lizzie (Logan Browning) has now taken her place as the great star of the cello world.

However, after her mother’s death, Charlotte seems ready to resume her music career and surpass her ambitious colleague, no matter what. Well at least that seems at first …

Korean genre cinema as a model

As soon as director Richard Shepard rewinds a scene to shed light on what really happened, one thing becomes clear: the director enjoys his position of power and probably hasn’t fooled you the last time. After the two young women spend a night together, Lizzie complains of increasing pain because Charlotte’s pills can’t seem to control them. As we learned shortly after, she had not given him painkillers, but other pills to induce delusions, in the course of which the famous cellist finally cut off his hand, thus abruptly ending his life as a musician.

As a model for the development of the story, director Shepard now cites the Park Chan-wook movies in which the viewer never really knows what is going on. – and in whose “The Pickpocket” also focuses on the love relationship between two women. “I love how Park plays with the structure of the movies […] and that his twists in the movie finally make sense “Shepard says.

More than a revenge thriller

As a result, with a second big twist, Charlotte didn’t want revenge on her friend, but on her mutual mentor Anton (Steven Weber), who regularly sexually abused her as soon as her performance on stage fell short of his expectations. So Charlotte knew where Lizzie was and that she could never get out of it alone. So there would only be one way to get Lizzie out of her master’s clutches: he had to find her unusable, and that’s exactly what she was after losing her hand.

Lizzie, who initially berated her friend but eventually realized that this was the only way to free her from a life ruled by ambition and sexual violence, eventually teams up with Charlotte to join her friend in her tormentor. revenge. Despite the complicated twists and turns, “The Perfection” is still a revenge thriller, but at the same time it is also a film about guilt and friendship.

When Charlotte left the academy to dedicate herself to caring for her mother, she simply didn’t have the strength or the courage to help Lizzie out as well. It is this debt that he finally wanted to pay off after his mother’s death, to keep those like-minded people who became his soul mates safe over the years, and after a brutal fight with his mentor in a fantastic final shot, new strength. get out of your suffering and, in a sense, become one and the same person.

“The Perfection” is available on Netflix from May 24, 2019.