La foto debería poder mostrar cuántas cámaras tiene el Huawei P40

The photo should be able to show how many cameras the Huawei P40 has

The photo should be able to show how many cameras the Huawei P40 has

Is Huawei again donating more cameras to the simple P40 smartphone or are the Chinese thinking about it and prefer to improve the already known camera modules?

Two, three, four or more? More and more manufacturers are installing an increasing number of cameras on their camera smartphones. Or maybe not? Huawei seems to be taking a different path, at least that’s supposedly shown in a production photo of the new P40 series Android smartphone. That photo should show the normal P40 camera module. Or at least the case, in which the main camera of the new flagship smartphone should be placed. Rumor should be treated with caution.

Huawei P40: New style for the main camera

The only interesting thing here is the position of the other sensors and LED flashes. In the predecessor everything was arranged vertically one below the other. This photo could already show that the P40 is close to the Honor V30. The number of built-in camera sensors has not changed since the P30.

So there is also a rectangular housing for the camera that “sits” on the back. Basically the new style for the new year also at Samsung. The first leaks a few weeks ago (see cover image) also indicated a corresponding design of the main camera for the P40 series.

More camera sensors are not a panacea either. Instead, the tried and tested system needs to be further optimized and improved. Precisely because competition in this area has increased significantly recently and you want to catch up with Huawei’s excellent work in recent years.


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