"La purga" como una carrera de autos: tráiler perverso de la serie de acción "Toque de queda"

"The purge" like a car race: wicked action series trailer "Curfew"

"The purge" like a car race: wicked action series trailer "Curfew"

In the horror series “The Purge” there are savage murders once a year – the series “Curfew” is “The Purge” with racing cars. Have fun with the trailer!

It may not be so clear in the trailer, where the frame of “Curfew” comes from: London of the near future is plagued with a mysterious viral disease. The population lives in fear. An increasingly desperate government imposes a strict night curfew (hence the “Purge” sirens at the beginning of the trailer). Londoners have only one chance to escape the virus and tyranny: an illegal and possibly deadly night car race that takes place once a year …

“Curfew” will celebrate its premiere in the United States on June 24, 2019 on the VOD service of the broadcaster Spectrum (The UK television premiere took place on Sky One in February 2019). For Germany it is not yet known about it. The cast includes Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”), Adam Brody (“OC, California”), Michael Biehn (“Terminator”) and Billy Zane (“Titanic”).

The horror series “The Purge,” which “Curfew” reminds us of due to the annual murder event, will come to an end next year with a final fifth part:

“The Purge 5”: the horror series ends in 2020 in the cinema