The Rock: Hard Fast & Furious 8 días de rodaje

The Rock: Hard Fast & Furious 8 days of filming

The Rock: Hard Fast & Furious 8 days of filming

Set details

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, is known for giving a lot of information about his current film projects on his Instagram profile. “Fast & Furious 8” is no exception! And the photos from the set reveal: The shoot is anything but a picnic.

The Rock just dropped the “Baywatch” reboot, and the 44-year-old is ready for the next action set. The shooting schedule says “Fast & Furious 8,” and the movie apparently hits the Hollywood star hard. Dwayne Johnson shared a short clip on Instagram showing him in the middle of filming. Although the actor seems tired in him, there is still no bad mood: he jokes with the team behind the camera.

How exhausting work is on “Fast & Furious 8,” The Rock is shown again in the text of the video. “At 4:00 in the morning, we’re all exhausted and I’ve been stuck in ruins for hours,” said Dwayne Johnson. But even if the tough stunts apparently deplete the ex-wrestler’s strength, at least the rest of the team ensures a relaxed and fun atmosphere: “But I can always rely on my hardworking team to make amazing comments.”

A mountain of muscles with a heart

Not only does The Rock show on Instagram that he has it all as an action star, but he regularly shows his kindness. Then Dwayne Johnson posted a photo showing him with a small fan next to him. But there is a sad story behind the recording. The boy named Tater, only seven years old, suffered from cancer. “Should you inspire everyone around you with your fight? Is it meant to make sure that we wake up each day with greater gratitude for life? To hug our loved ones even more? “Asks the” Fast and Furious “star in disbelief. Tater died a few days ago.

We think it’s great that The Rock is there for his fans and we hope he continues to bring us updates on the set of “Fast & Furious 8”.

Image Credit: Aaron Davidson / Getty Images for HBO

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