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The Simple Procedure To Deal With Corona Warning App

The Corona warning app is not yet available, but the project is already online. With more details and information on how to use the application.

SAP and Telekom are developing a corona warning application for the German market. Its goal is to measure contact and notify you accordingly when you come into contact with infected people. After some discussion in recent weeks, the app will now take the decentralized approach. Of course, the use of this app is completely voluntary, contrary to what anti-crown circles like to suggest. The project for the corona warning app is now online on Github, where the manufacturers provide information on how to use the app and other details.

The introductory paragraph alone reveals all the important basics related to the project. You want to be open and transparent, that should generate trust in the population. Only if many German smartphone users use the Corona warning app, the project will finally have added value for everyone. At least that’s the ideal.

“This project aims to develop a technology-based application with a decentralized approach. The DP-3T (decentralized proximity tracking to preserve privacy) and TCN protocols and specifications for contact tracing to preserve privacy from Apple and Google serve as the foundation. Like DP-3T and TCN, the applications and backend infrastructure also follow the open source principle, licensed by Apache 2.0!

The apps (for iOS and Android) will collect pseudonymized data from mobile phones in the area with the help of Bluetooth technology. Data is stored locally on individual devices to prevent access to data and control of data by authorities or other entities. We comply with applicable data protection requirements and guarantee the highest IT security standards. In this way, we face the privacy concerns of the population and hope to increase the use of the application.

Corona Warning Application Operation Display

An infographic already reveals how the app should be used in everyday life. It is not yet clear when the app will launch. It’s probably not May anymore, so June at the earliest and therefore not until a month after the first drastic relaxation. As mentioned, users must download the app voluntarily. Apple and Google automatically provide the mentioned interfaces of the operating systems on the end devices separately.

Services go virtually unnoticed in the background. You can use Bluetooth to measure when you have approached another person (with a smartphone) and therefore made contact. This information is only decisive if the respective person is Covid-19-positive, therefore “warning application”. Of course, users no longer learn about the other person, everything remains anonymous accordingly.