Los Simpson: una clave para todas las ocasiones

The Simpsons: a key for all occasions

The Simpsons: a key for all occasions

Today on tv

wantedon 03/13/2012 | 14:19

“The Simpsons” today on ProSieben: A box full of keys tempts the yellow family, but see for yourself, it starts at 8:15 pm!

The Simpsons go through all doors and gates …

What would you do if you suddenly came anywhere you want? First go shopping for nothing, go to the outdoor pool at night, pay a secret visit to the swarm? The Simpsons really find themselves in this fortunate position, which leads to a lot of chaos. But let’s start at the beginning: in the new episode of “The Simpsons,” Maggie accidentally locks herself in the car. The need is great: how to get the poor girl out again?

The Simpsons find “500 keys”

The Simpsons rummage through the key drawer looking for the replacement key and suddenly discover a mysterious box. There are “500 keys” inside (this is also the name of this exciting episode). And keep in mind that with the help of this find, they can suddenly enter anywhere they would otherwise be denied access. Needless to say, the Simpsons take advantage of that. Homer steals the Zeppelin from the Duff Brewery and goes for a ride with it …

What else do the Simpsons experience with the warm shower of keys? See for yourself, tonight at ProSieben, as always at 8.15pm. Have fun!

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