"La casa de verano de las estrellas": momentos de vergüenza del episodio 3

“The summer house of the stars”: moments of shame from episode 3

Welcome to the discussion of the third episode of the strangest program currently airing on television: “Summer House of the Stars” (or as we internally call it: “Summer Pukes of the Stars”). You love this Fremdscham series so much that we decided to take a closer look at the show. My classmates Susi and Jessy have already seen the first and second episodes of this reality show about a full summer camp Horny self-promoter with money problems Dedicated to celebrities. Since I stupidly agreed to share this assignment, it’s my turn this week. So: eyes to from up to down!

It was the third episode of season 4, but for me the first time: Welcome to the defloration of my summer house! My eyes feel dirty and used and will probably never be the same again. During the following moments in particular, I just wanted to sink to the ground out of sheer embarrassment:

# 1 Laura is a sneak!

Laura is in the kitchen washing the dishes. Also, there is still time to listen to the other neighbors who have gathered on the terrace.

What she hears: Elena insults a mosquito that has just bitten her. (Original sound: “I hate all insects! My God, who created them?”)

What you think what you hear: Elena reprimands Laura and Michael.

So the 19-year-old runs straight to her dad friend, who’s taking a nap, crouches down next to him and punches him on the sleeping ear: “Elena said she was a bitch! And you’re a son of a bitch! “As Laura probably expected, this activates Wendler’s protective instinct… At least a full day later, when Daddy finally realizes what his girl said to him while he was half asleep:“ You, what was that? Yesterday? Did you say someone called me a son of a bitch? Wow, that’s really amazing! That doesn’t mean anything more than when my mom is a prostitute. ” LOL. Full of brains, this Wendler!

# 2 Why is everyone so amazing?

Bah! I can hardly bear it! I can hardly bear the fact that Menowin snores with crumbs on his beard and Wendler falls asleep without an undercoat. But with Willi’s smoking cough and his lady of the heart Jasmin, everything passes for me. Even Jasmin himself comments on Herren’s gossip with “Bah,” and then continues to suck on her bun with delight. Schmackofatz!

When Roland later complained in great detail that it smells so disgusting when Benjamin Boyce rappelled down the toilet and constipated out of sheer disgust (“I usually poop once or twice a day. And here I was now three times in a week! ! “), I have reached the limit. I want to turn off! But I can not do it! I have to be professional and I keep suffocating …

Roland: “I can’t eat, I can’t poop” Steffi: “I can do it again.”

# 3 Elena is freaking out

Elena also shows in episode 3 that she is the tallest empress among all the drama queens. He first assumes that Michael wants to leave newcomers Sabrina and Thomas in his room (he didn’t want to!). Soon after, he returns to 180 when it comes to who cleans the toilet less. “He’s just a naughty old man! And the FUCKT. MIXTURE. AB! ”(LOL), scolds and runs off to his group of blasphemers.

Once there, she seems to have forgotten why indecent old Wendler fucks her like this. When her husband asks her what happened, she simply repeats over and over in her aggro trance: “You have no respect! I panic! It has no respect! No, honey, shit it, man. -If not. You want to do.

Mike’s expression says it all, doesn’t it?

# 4 Game 1 or also: “WHERE IS THE HOLE ???”

In the first game, the candidates must, wrapped in couples pajamas, make a bed with one arm without moving. The winner will be saved from the nomination. Kate is already at the end of the game when the game has just started and sends her Benjamin crying. The CITA singer no longer understands the world, but there is nothing he can do about the fact that his girlfriend is spiraling further into panic. Over and over he yells “Where is the hole? WHERE IS THE HOLE ??? “(This means the hole in the pillowcase) or” The corner, the corner, THE CORNER! “The woman makes me aggressive. In the end they still manage to get the job done, but Benjamin’s gaze indicates that something has broken inside him. Look at the ceiling with empty eyes. The RTL commentator only comments dryly: “Well, if it doesn’t work in bed …”

# 5 Sabrina is the new Quentin!

Man, that Sabrina! I’m going out now: I even know them from the first season of “Big Brother”, which I watched with enthusiasm in 2000. And then, so many, many moons ago, I met the lively woman from Cologne, who spent most of the time time with Zlatko and Jürgen, always very nice. Even when he comes to the summer house, at first I think I still find his rude and loud manners very funny …

But then all of a sudden, he grabs Willi by the ass! But, seriously! Luckily for Sabrina, Willi doesn’t think that’s so bad and claims that the date is normal in Cologne. No, Willi, it’s not that! As a native of Cologne, I would like to clarify that here! Even in the city on the Rhine, unwanted advances end up in jail.

Sabrina dares with the “grip of Quentin’s memory” and grabs Willi in the Pöppes …

I have a feeling that something happened between Willi and Sabrina… Even Jasmin (understandably) has painted her nose with the fact that her husband is willingly groped. “The woman was part of my life for a long time,” he tries to convince himself not to. Keep getting into this huge bowl of fat, Willi!

Edge Note: Wendler – The Zen Master

You can think what you want of Wendler, but you have to give him one thing: the man is calm in person! As Aggro-Willi yells at him that he is a “poop! Shit! Kackvogel! “And a” Honk – Honk – Honk! With a split personality, the Wendler stays completely relaxed, takes his plate of noodles in peace and just thinks:

It’s enviable how you can be so deeply relaxed. Maybe a new career idea if your successful career isn’t working anymore:

“Annoy your co-workers? Is your boss a honk? And do you constantly refer to your roommates as poop? Book courses with Wendler, the Zen Master, and learn how everything will be NO MATTER to you! ”

So I would reserve it.

# 6 Game 2 or also: “Do you know this vulva? “

In game number 2, an action-packed crossword puzzle, Toast Man and Toast Woman (Mike and Elena) live up to their names again. We are looking for a part of the female body. Okay, there are at least two of them. And you can give them many different names. But what does Mike advise? “Dildo! Element!” Hm … almost. When it is later announced that the word solution is “vulva,” he is completely astonished. Boldly, he asks the RTL editor behind the camera: “To be honest: do you know the term ‘vulva’? Those are very special words. “

Willi, for his part, has never heard of “libido” (“I want to make libido with you … Is that how you say it ?!”). Also a little stupid, but somehow also very cute, I found the moment when Menowin’s wife innocently asks if you write porn with two or one N.

Do you love junk TV shows? Then you will surely remember these pearls of the last years:

In the end, Schatziii-Wendler and her daughter Laura are kicked out of the house and, as the 19-year-old realizes with joy, they can finally “have great sex” again. Jo, come on, guys. Now, at least, we don’t have to watch you do it anymore. However: Will the summer house lose an important entertainment guarantee with its departure? What you think? Let us know in the comments below the article or on Facebook if you’re happy to get rid of the Wendlers!