Google Maps es bastante impresionante, pero también recopila muchos datos privados de nosotros.

The TomTom app shows speed limits and more; also works with Google Maps and is free

Google Maps is pretty impressive, but it also collects a lot of private data from us.

Google Maps shows speed limits and speed controls, but not in Germany. In this country, other applications are needed, but they are available for free.

A few weeks ago we reported on a free application with which we can use the speed limit display in conjunction with Google Maps. To be more precise, this application puts a layer on the screen, showing its overlay of data available in other applications. TomTom AmiGO, which is also available for free on the Google Play Store, works in a very similar way.

TomTom AmiGO, however, has two different options for using the application services. Either directly within the application, as it can also be used to navigate directly. Or through the layer variant mentioned at the beginning, so that you can navigate with another app, but at the same time the TomTom AmiGO functions are available.

Show speed limits by layer

If you prefer to navigate with Google Maps, you must configure the TomTom AmiGO accordingly. To do this, install the application and start it. To activate the overlay, simply tap left on the speed screen, then “Tap here to overlay”. Now we have to allow the application to overlap other applications. If enabled correctly, the overlay mode starts when you return to the application, so that the most important elements are visible in a floating window.

Now you can start Google Maps, for example. The small overlapping area of ​​the TomTom AmiGO can be freely moved as you wish on the screen, where it will least disturb you. If you use Google Maps for portrait navigation, it could also look like this, for example:

Whether with speed camera or speed limit, TomTom AmiGO can warn you. Define the parameters for this in the application settings. The warnings are activated at the factory, by voice. Alternatively, it would also be possible to activate a simple warning tone. Thresholds can also be configured. For excessive speed, for example, the number of km / h you want to buffer.

As my screenshots show, you can also store new information yourself directly in the app, about speed controls, construction sites, blocked roads, and traffic jams. TomTom AmiGO is also a practical application that can be improved through your community.

The described application is available for free on the Google Play Store. Try it for yourself and see if it is a suitable solution or not.

P.S: Google Maps even offers the display of speed controls and speed limits, but these functions are not activated in Germany for German users. Speed ​​cameras and similar apps are a gray area in Germany and are generally considered prohibited. Among other things, it is crucial who uses the application in the car; more on this here.