La mafia gemela….

The twin mafia….

The twin mafia….

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Anyone with problems can turn to a self-help group. Who has twins to the twin mafia. The term is not mine. No, I don’t want to adorn myself with foreign feathers. Has grown for years and in one wonderful Facebook group: DER ZWILLINGSMAFIA Austria. And because dear readers from Germany wanted to have the same group, it eventually became twin mafia germany brought to life …

But what is the twin mafia? Simply: one Community of passionate colleagues! Suffering and children? Does that go hand in hand? Yes, because only a twin mom can understand what a twin mom is like. What concerns do you have. And how it feels. Because twin mothers really have Very specific problems in pregnancy, infancy and childhood.. The twin mafia knows no mommy wars. The twin mafia has no time for energy hogs! The mob is sticking together. In all situations …

How are the problems of a twin mother different from those of a single mother?

Well: where should I start now? There are so many differences. Approximately:

Questions upon questions!

And who can best answer these questions? Logical: THE MAFIA! Term and synonym of community. For cohesion. Out of understanding and respect for the other’s work. That’s why I want an interview with you today with the mafia boss recommend. Or better with the mafia girlfriend? It doesn’t matter: Sonja Stifter is the woman who has been organizing twin reunions in Austria for years and who is the soul of the “Twin Mothers in Austria” group. Thank you dear Sonja for the interview! 🙂

Austrian mob boss Sonja Stifter

Twin blogs worth reading

Meanwhile some have Twins groups on Facebook. Besides the Austrians, of course, there are many groups for Germany: Twin mothers, for example. And of course “Gemini: tips, tricks and sharing”. Or the And we should not forget the parents either. They are about Twin moms and dads welcome each other. And of course there are also groups in which everything revolves around pregnancy. About “Pregnant with twins 2016/2017”. (Without pretending to be complete. If we have forgotten your group, feel free to leave a comment and we will add your group).

There are also many pages worth reading on the subject of twins.

A detailed description of You can find all the twin bloggers HERE.

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