La universidad quiere permitir 150 estudiantes de primer año y por error envía 700 confirmaciones

The university wants to allow 150 freshmen and mistakenly sends 700 confirmations

You hear over and over again about stricter admission requirements at German universities, which doesn’t exactly increase the motivation to study after high school for many young people. But for the next winter semester, which begins in October 2017, the Ostbayrischen Technische Hochschule in Regensburg (OTH) up to 450 additional places can be created for first-year students. This is the degree in “Social Work”, for which only 150 applicants were admitted last year. But due to a fatal typo in the university seat allocation system, the total of 150 700 letters with commitment sent for the course of this year. Fail!

Commitments are legally binding

“We noticed the error after a few days. However, the entry cannot be corrected later. The approvals are legally binding ”. reason why the spokeswoman Diana Feuerer of the OTH in front of the Bavarian radio. Because that is exactly the problem: the university can no longer revoke its commitments later and thus get out of this dilemma. Then they have no choice but to upgrade, because despite everything, the university only promises the best conditions for its students.

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The University of Regensburg expects 500 students

However, since many prospective students are not only applying to a university, but also submitting multiple applications, the University of Regensburg hopes that not all 700 students will start the first semester. However, they expect a total of 500 newcomers, which is a huge number. At the moment, they are working hard on a plan to offer everyone a high-quality degree despite the large number of students. After all, OTH is not a large campus and conference rooms are not made for that many students at once. “We want to create good conditions for all students”Feuerer confirms. They want to hire additional teachers and study guides.