El desafío vegano

The vegan challenge

The vegan challenge

January 07: The first vegan days are behind us! How was our purely vegetable weekend? You can find out here:

The first vegan weekend

January 2: Mädchen.de goes vegan! On our girls blog we keep you up to date, post recipes and of course we write you how we are doing with the new plant-based lifestyle.

Mädchen.de Vegan Challenge

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Julia from Mädchen.de tells what she expects from the vegetarian month … “My colleagues Jana and Kiki have some experience with vegan nutrition. They did it a few years ago “Eat animals” Read by Jonathan Safran Foer and since then “Flexitarier”, that is to say, with a mostly vegan or vegetarian diet and very little meat on special occasions.

For me, however, it is the first time that I have completely avoided animal foods. They both agree that they have been to each other ever since. Feel healthier and more vital and have more energy. to have. However, the two have not survived a whole month of vegans either. next to Benefits for the environment, climate and animalsSo it sounds pretty convincing, a little more energy can never hurt, and it’s also interesting to eat mindfully and not just wildly and uncontrollably shove things into oneself, as I generally like to do.

I have been a vegetarian for over two years. – it was also a New Years resolution – and I am still very happy with this decision. So I don’t think it’s too difficult for me. What I will definitely miss are the cheese and milk. I tried soy yogurt for the first time yesterday and decided that I would not eat yogurt this month. I actually like soy products, but this yogurt was terrible. Maybe I’ll try again with fruits … “

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