La Voz de Alemania: BossHoss está orgulloso de su victoria

The Voice of Germany: BossHoss is proud of its victory

The Voice of Germany: BossHoss is proud of its victory

Proud as Oskar

wantedon 02/13/2012 | 13:07

What a finale! Candidate Ivy Quainoo won with her song “Do You Like What You See” on “The Voice of Germany.” The BossHoss couldn’t believe it.

The BossHoss were proud as Oskar on “The Voice of Germany” on Friday.

“The Voice of Germany” started 12 weeks ago. Since then, not only a large fan base has enraged the show’s candidates, but also its trainers Nena, Rea Garvey, Xavier Naidoo, and The Boss Hoss. Week after week, the bond between the talented candidates and the coaches grew closer. The BossHoss could hardly believe that they could assert themselves as “underdogs” with their candidate Ivy Quainoo against their fellow jurors. The Voice of Germany ”became known for the first time, which made the joy of the surprising victory of its candidate even greater on Friday.

The BossHoss are happy for their victory in “The Voice of Germany”

Sascha Vollmer, singer of BossHoss, explained after the end of the post-show: “Of course we expected it, but when the moment came, my head was completely empty. But now we are going to work on Ivy’s career. We will be in the studio for the next three weeks and they will hit her hard. The album must be created. We already have good material and we are going to make a fantastic album with Ivy ”. Winner Ivy added: “I am very excited. I thank you all. My family, my friends. All I could do was stare at that lightning bolt and then immediately cry. Madness! Tomorrow I will sleep late and then they will shoot the video at night. ” Ivy Quainoo was able to convince the audience with her Bond song “Do You Like What You See” and became the first winner of “The Voice of Germany” on Friday. chosen one. Ivy will be touring Germany for the first time in May. The tour starts on May 15 in Hamburg, then continues in Leipzig and Berlin.

We can certainly look forward to the talented young singer’s tour. If you don’t know their first single, you can listen to it on the website of “The Voice of Germany”.

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