La Voz de Alemania el sábado 1

The Voice of Germany on Saturday 1

The Voice of Germany on Saturday 1

Talent search by far

wantedon December 2, 2011 | 11:15

Tonight, “The Voice of Germany” enters the fourth round on Saturday the 1st. So: turn on and open your ears! Worth it!

Nena is a member of the jury of “La Voz de Alemania”.

If you roll your eyes, annoyed by the word “casting show” and can’t suppress a bored yawn, you can’t blame it in light of “DSDS,” “Popstars,” and other branches of the talent show. Since last week, however, there is a new horse in the casting show stable that should be given a chance as a spectator. Because: “The Voice of Germany” is different. Completely different. While formats like “DSDS” live off the fact that completely talent-free candidates make a fool of themselves in front of casting king Dieter Bohlen, “The Voice of Germany” focuses on quality. Because unlike other shows, here all participants can sing. And very good.

“The Voice of Germany”: great voices instead of stupid sayings

Only the best of the best can demonstrate their singing skills in “The Voice of Germany” in front of Xavier Naidoo, Nena, Rea Garvy and The BossHoss. What is special about the program is not only the quality of the candidates, but also the selection process. In the so-called “blind auditions”, the jury does not see the participants, but concentrates on what really counts: the voice. If a jury particularly likes a candidate’s performance, they press the bell and decide to support the singer as a mentor. “The Voice of Germany” shows that this program is different from the others. Here, it is not only the competing candidates, but also the members of the jury. If several of them press the “I love you” bell, the candidate can choose which mentor to entrust.

So if you’re in the mood for a different casting show and you finally want to hear some really good singers on German TV, you should tune in on Saturday the 1st tonight at 8.15pm and watch Xavier Naidoo, Nena and company play “The Voice of Germany “To fight for the best of the best.

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