The Voice of Germany: Bienvenidos a las semifinales

The Voice of Germany: Welcome to the semi-finals

Cross battles

wantedon 11/29/2014 | 15:23

What a brilliant episode of “The Voice of Germany”! In live matches, the talented singers gave their all to reach the semifinals of the casting show.

The Voice of Germany is still exciting

The eight semi-finalists can now pause for a whole week before having to compete in the dreaded crossover battles in the semi-final of “The Voice of Germany.” In yesterday’s live matchups, the remaining talents of “The Voice of Germany” proved that it will be a tough race between the coaches again this year..

Samu Haber, Rea Garvey, Stefanie Kloß or the Fantastischen Zwei, Smudo and Michi? Who will win the jury title this season for “The Voice of Germany”? All four jurors feared to the end Lina Arndt, René Nocon, Andrei Vesa, Ben Dettinger, Marion Campbell, Calvin Bynum, Charley Ann Schmutzler and Philipp Leon Altmeyerwho have now reached the semi-finals of “The Voice of Germany.”

The Voice of Germany: Coldplay in the final

Hints of Calvin Bynum, Voice of Germany favorite

But not only did the lucky semi-finalists convince with their singing on yesterday’s episode of “The Voice of Germany,” top stars Jessie J and Christina Perri were also there to support the talents. In the final, the winners of the Cross Battles, which will take place on December 5, can look forward to the performance of the band Coldplay.that will warm up the audience, the candidates and certainly also the members of the jury of “The Voice of Germany”. First, the talents have to face the crossover battles, in which Lina Arndt will play René Nocon, Andrei Vesa against Ben Dettinger, Marion Campbell against Calvin Bynum and Charley Ann Schmutzler against Philipp Leon Altmeyer.

Who will be the winner of this year’s “The Voice of Germany” season? According to the acclaimed live matches, it will be a tough race; after all, all eight candidates have what it takes to inherit the title “The Voice of Germany.”

Image Sources: Facebook / The Voice of Germany