"los muertos vivientes"-Reunión en Amazonas "La torre oscura"-Serie

"the Walking Dead"-Meeting in Amazonas "The dark tower"-Serie

"the Walking Dead"-Meeting in Amazonas "The dark tower"-Serie

The cast of Amazon’s “The Dark Tower” series is getting bigger and more illustrious. Michael Rooker now joins a star from “The Walking Dead” and Marvel, while filming he meets an old friend from his time on the zombie series.


After Jerome Flynn, an absolute fan favorite of “Game Of Thrones,” recently enriched the cast of Amazon’s “The Dark Tower” series, now there’s one more from “The Walking Dead”: Michael Rooker, who played Daryl Dixon’s southern brother Merle for the first three seasons. and who was recently seen in the two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies. That was announced on the 64-year-old actor’s official home page. As with Jerome Flynn, it is not yet known what role he will play in the series.

“Walking Dead” reunion

During the filming of “The Dark Tower,” Michael Rooker meets a familiar face from the “Walking Dead” era: Glen Mazzara, showrunner during the second and third seasons of the zombie series. He will also play this role on the new Amazon show and will also produce alongside Akiva Goldsman (“Star Trek: Discovery”) and Stephen King, creator of the world-famous novel.

We know that about “The Dark Tower”

Not much is known about the “Dark Tower” series. However, it should have nothing to do with the movie that failed in 2017 and should be much closer to the novel. Among other things, it will tell how young Roland Deschain became a gunman, how he received his iconic weapons, and how he met the Man in Black, his future archenemy.

Sam Strike (“Mindhunter”) will take on the title role, while Jasper Pääkkönen (“BlacKkKlansman”) will take on the role of his opponent. Filming of the pilot episode is currently taking place in Croatia, In 2020, all 13 episodes of the first season “The Dark Tower” will appear exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.