La mujer es lanzada desde el avión.  La razón: ella está en su período

The woman is thrown from the plane. The reason: she is on her period

The woman is thrown from the plane.  The reason: she is on her period

We all know the problem: sometimes with abdominal pain during menstruation, we have to take a trip. Because unfortunately we cannot plan our cycle in such a way that we save it during our vacations. That was also the case for 24-year-old Beth. She and her boyfriend wanted to travel from Birmingham to Dubai. But the start of their vacation was very different from what they had imagined. When she got on the plane, Beth complained to her boyfriend of increased abdominal pain. One of the hostesses overheard this conversation and her reaction is hard to believe.

The flight attendant asks the couple to leave the plane

She went directly to the couple’s seat and asked Beth before the other passengers how bad her pain was, on a scale of 1 to 10. The 24-year-old tried all the time to appease the flight attendant. and assured him that the abdominal pain is very mild. She would survive the 7 hour flight with absolute certainty. But the flight attendant did not seem to want to hear that and notified the pilot. He then asked the couple to leave the plane immediately.

“Being thrown from a plane because you have menstrual pain is crazy”, Joshua, a friend of Beth, reports on the experience. Beth burst into tears when the stewardess questioned her. It’s embarrassing to have to explain your abdominal pain to other people like that. “

What ?! The student throws her hamster in the airport bathroom.

The pilot reportedly had notified a medical team to examine Beth at Birmingham airport. “The captain made the decision to let Ms. Evans disembark so she could get medical help.”he said in a statement from the airline. However, as the couple reported, there should be no help on the scene when they left the plane.