The women of the SPD discussed three interesting topics

In the 2020 calendar of events of the SPD women’s group, which is created in January of each year, no theme was planned for October, and then Corona arrived. For example, Presidents Erika Wich and Gerlinde Konrad decided for the October meeting to provide elements to reflect on this theme, which currently dominates our lives. And that caused a long discussion.

The second part of the night saw the centenary of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Awo), which is currently celebrated throughout Germany. Above all, the founder of this organization, Marie Juchacz, was remembered. Gerlinde Konrad had found out a lot about this woman. Marie Juchacz was a German social reformer, social democrat, and women’s rights activist. Awo was founded under his leadership on December 13, 1919.

After this consideration, Gerlinde Konrad moved on to another topic for the evening. He reported that there is still a fairly new holiday these days: “Grandma’s Day” or Grandma’s Day is a day of honor and remembrance in many parts of the world. In Germany it takes place on the second Sunday of October. This day honors voluntary and unpaid work in the family as a supervisor, cultural mediator, and advisor. As a link between generations, grandmothers often organized cohesion and exchange between family members. To properly reward this achievement, Ursula von der Leyen had already asked for an official grandparents day in 2008, and then it was introduced. The German Omatag 2020 took place one day before the October meeting of the SPD Burgkunstadt women’s group.

Most recently, President Erika Wich drew the ladies’ attention to the upcoming SPD women’s group event – on November 16, a poetry night is scheduled. All members and other interested women are already invited. Red