Die ärgsten Sex-Fantasien der Sternzeichen

The worst sexual fantasies of the zodiac signs

Die ärgsten Sex-Fantasien der Sternzeichen

We all have one thing or another that really gets us going in our imaginations. Whether we will test them in real life is, of course, another question.

But the fact is, all zodiac signs have secret desires in bed that may want to live with you …


Aries doesn’t mind being seen having sex. On the contrary: nothing excites you more than a visit to the swingers club.


You want an experience for all the senses! Candle wax, butt plugs, or sensual games with chocolate or honey – things can get messy with bulls.


As true masters of communication, they love it when he’s talkative in bed too. No sign of the zodiac has mastered the art of talking dirty better than Gemini.


They are talented actors and they love to role play and reinvent themselves over and over again.


Lions love outdoor sex. The thrill of being caught or watched excites them immensely.


Always level-headed, well-organized, and a perfectionist in real life, Virgo wants to leave the reins in bed and wants nothing more than to be able to let go.


The scales like it aesthetically. There is nothing that turns them on more than sexy lingerie.


This zodiac sign wants to exercise dominance and is open to SM games.


Sagittarius loves that it is versatile and varied. Whether it’s sex in the kitchen, on the carpet or in the woods, they want to try it all!


With this sign of the zodiac, everything is allowed between the sheets. Capricorns want to let their imaginations run wild and love to be filmed having sex.


Due to their curious nature, sex toys hold a very special fascination for this sign of the zodiac. And they certainly know how to handle it!


Pisces are true foot fetishists and they like to suck their fingers! Her creativity and resourcefulness also make her open to any type of role play.