Entonces encaja "Annabelle 3" en la línea de tiempo del "Prestidigitación"-Universo

Then it fits "Annabelle 3" in the timeline of "Prestidigitation"-Universe

Then it fits "Annabelle 3" in the timeline of "Prestidigitation"-Universe

The films in the “Conjuring” series are not only known for their creepy dolls or nuns, but also for their tangled chronology. We explain how “Annabelle 3” fits into the universe of horror.


Anyone who does not deal intensely with the many spin-offs from the “Conjuring” series will quickly be confused by the chronological order of the different films. The stories of the horror universe span several decades and are not limited to one after another chronologically. The earlier “Annabelle” movies also take a somewhat unusual tack and move in the opposite direction on the timeline. So you tell stories instead of continuing the plot.

Unlike its predecessors, “Annabelle 3” will not start another prequel, but after “Conjuring.”. At first the movie starts out strong Collider but exactly with the scene from the first part of the main series, in which the couple of demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) lock Annabelle in a glass case. The split started in 1968, but it didn’t stop there. The main plot of “Annabelle 3” is supposed to take place a few years after the prologue “Conjuring” of 1968, that is, sometime between the actual events of “Conjuring” (set in 1971) and “Conjuring 2” (set in 1976 and 1977).

Previous “Annabelle” movies

As already mentioned, Annabelle had her first appearance in the prologue to “Conjuring.” In 1968, three years before the film’s main plot, Ed and Lorraine Warren meet nurses who tell them of the demonic exploits of their doll, after which the couple snatches the porcelain girl and keeps her safely in a showcase. The first “Annabelle” film bridges the prologue to “Conjuring” and explains how the young women took possession of the doll.

“Annabelle 2” even takes a step back in history. As a prequel to “Annabelle,” the movie is prehistory to prehistory. This is the origin of the “Conjuring” mascot. A doll maker makes a deal with a demon to preserve the spirit of his late daughter in the article. A momentous decision that had a decisive influence on the course of the events of “Conjuring”.

For a better overview, follow the main plot order from the previous movies. Whether it’s “Annabelle 3” before, during or after The curse of Llorona will play you can’t tell yet:

    • 1952: “The nun”
    • 1955: “Annabelle 2”
    • 1967: “Annabelle”
    • 1971: “Conjuring”
    • 1973: “The curse of Llorona”
    • 1976-1977: “Conjuring 2”

“Annabelle 3” will be released in German theaters on July 4, 2019.