¡Hay alternativas baratas de frailecillos pony!

There are cheap pony puffin alternatives!

There are cheap pony puffin alternatives!

How cool!

Anyone who has diligently followed “The Lion’s Den” will not have missed the Pony Puffin: a little silicone helper that looks like a coffee pod, but ensures a perfect ponytail hairstyle! If you tie the hair accessory in the ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic, the braid looks more voluminous and lively. Sparkly!

But because everything is so nifty, now there is a problem: the Pony Puffin is out of stock, at least on Amazon and in drugstores like dm. It is currently available in the official online store, but the small volume miracle is so popular that it can be sold out at any time. So what to do if you don’t get a puffin pony, for example, as a Christmas present? Help is coming!

Instead of puffin pony: this will make your braid even more voluminous!

1. With this wig

Fortunately, you can find a similar product like the puffin pony on Amazon, which also promises a voluminous braid. The “Scunci Perfect Pony Hair Tie “looks like a screw, only much larger and made of plastic. The little helper is glued to the hairline; Through the slits, the hair elastic can be tied at the desired point, so that the braid sometimes sticks out more, sometimes falls closer to the head. However, if you have very fine hair, the hairpiece could stick out unpleasantly. A tip from the buyer: just cut a piece!

2. Use this hairstyle trick

If you want to completely do without silicone or plastic parts in your hair, you can also make your braid voluminous in the classic way, gently stroking the hairline and the first half of the lengths, fixing everything with hairspray and then a no so tight. Tie a braid that makes the braid appear thicker.

Which also helps: save a thick strand on the side of your head when you tie a ponytail, and then wrap it around the elastic of your hair. Pin it with a bobby pin – your braid looks voluminous!

This is how we learn: the woman is herself when it comes to hairstyle with volume! If you don’t want to wander around drugstores or worry online about whether the Pony Puffin is available, you can make your braid work in other ways, too.

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