¡Hay Kardashian alemanas!  Ahora Kim y Kylie se enfrentan a la competencia

There are German Kardashians! Now Kim and Kylie face the competition

The Fares, also known as the German Kardashians

the six sisters from Fares Lava, Lilav, Simav, Dua, Refha and Ayschan They are between 16 and 24 years old and their biggest dream is to become famous. And they are not that far from that, because they are already considered the German Kardashians. “The comparison with Kardiashian arose because we are also many sisters and we also have a brother”Lava said in an interview with Promiflash. But not only is the family size similar to that of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, there are also several parallels between the two families in their personalities. They are also repeatedly called “the Kardashians” on the street, as Lava reveals. But not without reason, because each of the sisters has their own role model in the family of reality stars. And yet: sexy photos and suggestive poses are an absolute no-no for rates!

Lava Fares considers herself Kris Jenner