Hay un triste secreto detrás de esta foto de la playa.

There is a sad secret behind this photo of the beach.

6. Switch to organic cosmetics for less plastic

Not only large amounts of plastic waste are problematic, but microplastics too, because they also end up in our oceans and groundwater. Cosmetics in particular often contain a lot of microplastics, so make sure the ingredient list doesn’t include terms like acrylates / C10-30, alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, or PEG / PPG-17/18-dimethicone. Behind these there is nothing but microplastics. If reading is too strenuous for you, you can simply rely on organic cosmetics as they do not contain any of the “bad” substances.

Why should I reduce my plastic waste?

Anyone who thinks that none of this affects you anyway, since you don’t spend all your time on the paradisiacal beaches of Bali, is wrong. Because plastic waste from everywhere ends up in our seas and groundwater, and not only from other countries, but also within Germany. Recently, there was a scandal in Schleswig-Holstein where cut plastic waste was thrown into the Baltic Sea along with organic waste and that over a longer period of time.

The plastic is then eaten by animals and we in turn eat these animals. So in the end, we eat the plastic ourselves. And not only that: if the animals eat larger pieces, most of them are retained in the stomach because they cannot digest them. The stomach is already full without food and the animals starve. These are just two examples of how harmful plastic can be. And with our tips, you can very well avoid a bit of plastic waste, without making any compromises. So let’s get started today!

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