Estas 10 paletas de sombras de ojos más hermosas te acercarán a la primavera

These 10 most beautiful eyeshadow palettes will bring you closer to spring

These 10 most beautiful eyeshadow palettes will bring you closer to spring


wanted01/29/2015 | 14:26

It still seems far away: the long-awaited spring with its first rays of sun and the colorful blooming nature. Bright pastel hues, strong violet, radiant red, and exciting pink, as well as reflective metallic undertones and deep green – these aren’t just the colors of nature. Because even though we have to be patient until the change of season, we can at least shorten the waiting time with these new spring eyeshadow palettes. Discover here and in our gallery of images the ten most beautiful color compositions from Guerlain, Dior, Chantecaille, Smashbox and Co., that will make your heart beat faster and your eyelids bloom like spring.

With the warm spring wind, fresh new shades of color are coming soon to replace the dark, earthy and sensual winter colors. These color games await you next spring:

Unimaginable without: Pastel softness

The pastel trend, both in fashion and makeup, is seemingly here to stay – our eyes will sparkle in soft hues like a feminine rose, playful mint, and delicate baby blue next spring as well. Creamy sweet colors are combined with strong hues, which in 2015 ensure a contrasting color scheme. A bright royal blue goes with baby blue, a deep red with pink and pastel mint meets iridescent fir green.

Welcome to the beauty of the 70s: beige, camel and caramel

The wild seventies are on the loose – after next season’s international fashion weeks, everyone has understood. The good thing about this? We will meet the diverse decade in spring not only in the form of flared pants, hippie floral dresses and wild leather accessories, but also in terms of makeup for new color variations – shimmering beige hues such as cream, camel, and caramel are the colored stars of the 70s and they give it. our eyelids a retro glow. Used with an added helping of mascara and pink accents as a strong blush, the decade of flower power makes its way into our cosmetic bag.

Purple Rain: Purple Parade

Also in relation to the 70s trend: Violet is actually a slightly forgotten hue, at least for eyeshadow, which is now taking on a modern look for the new hippie revival. Violet-trend shades range from delicate lilac, orchid, and violet-blue to strong violet-blue, violet-lilac or eggplant. Equipped with a matte texture or reflective metallic particles, the trendy purple parade can be used in a variety of ways and ensures an intense look.

Red meets anthracite: strong contrasts

Strong red on the eyelids, does it look good? Don’t worry, no one is looking for a teary, teary-eyed look here. The strong hue is used much more for contrast. You can make your conventional, casual eye makeup look fresher and “alive” with a light red glow. The strong color combinations of next spring also look for strong partners: smoky eyes in anthracite with red accents, beige bases with pink reflections or matte textures with metallic shine await us.

Discover the 10 insanely cool eyeshadow palettes here in our image gallery.