Diese 3 Sternzeichen sind die größten Pessimisten

These 3 signs of the zodiac are the most pessimistic

Diese 3 Sternzeichen sind die größten Pessimisten

While there are people who are always in a good mood and always see everything as positive, there are also extreme pessimists. They just see something negative in everything, analyze every situation and always assume the worst.

These three particular zodiac signs are extremely pessimistic.


This sign of the zodiac is one of the most pessimistic. Because the Capricorn does not trust anything or anyone. You have a plan for everything, and before taking any action, think carefully about what you are doing and weigh all the possible consequences. To prevent something from going wrong, always assume the worst. So there is no spontaneity in him. Due to his constant fear of competition and existence, he is a true pessimist who finds it difficult to enjoy the happy moments in life.


Scorpio is also one of the pessimists among the zodiac signs. Because he is a master of the dark and inherently suspicious. You only see the bad in things and you don’t even try to notice the positives. But that leads to the fact that you miss some things and just can’t enjoy them. Unfortunately, the fear of doing something wrong prevails.


It is similar with Virgo. Because she is also extremely pessimistic. And that’s mainly because you pay a lot of attention to detail. Even something small that doesn’t go as planned is reason enough for them to speak ill. If Virgo has his way, then everything can just be improved and nothing is good enough. Therefore, she is the classic black painter among the signs of the zodiac.