Diese 3 Sternzeichen sind am frühesten in Weihnachtsstimmung

These 3 zodiac signs are the first in the Christmas spirit

Diese 3 Sternzeichen sind am frühesten in Weihnachtsstimmung

Image: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock.com

It seems that the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier. As soon as Halloween decorations have been hung in shop windows, Christmas baubles, mistletoe and conifers already decorate the shops. The gingerbread is available for sale from September. Not everyone likes that. But some zodiac signs are happy about it.

You have been waiting for Christkind, Santa Claus and company since the end of summer break. These 3 zodiac signs get into the holiday spirit ASAP:


Sagittarius can get excited about anything. That is why they especially celebrate the run-up to Christmas. The zodiac sign is very generous and loves the idea of ​​sharing his happiness with others at Christmas. That is why they try to give more during this time than during the year. They like to help out in social institutions and donate to charities. For the optimistic and dreamy zodiac sign, the holiday season is also something magical. They have never given up their childish anticipation. And that’s the best.


The Scorpio has just returned from summer vacation when he awaits Christmas. The zodiac sign can go so far that he pulls his reindeer socks out of the closet at the end of August and starts a Christmas Instagram account. count the days until December 24 together with the community. Scorpions are at the front of the line when the first stall is slammed open. They have a thousand traditions in the run-up to Christmas and celebrate them every year.


Lions love everything that glitters and glitters. The holiday season fits like a fist. They often decorate their apartment for Christmas in October, listen to their Christmas playlist, and think about what to wear for the family celebration. Buying gifts is not a problem for the lion. Throughout the year, you’ve already thought about what you could give your loved ones and you really enjoy the festive shopping and crowds. Of course, wrapping gifts is also one of the nice things about the Christmas season, which the lion celebrates above all else. Nothing and no one can get you out of your Christmas spirit.