Diese 4 Sternzeichen können keine feste Beziehung eingehen

These 4 zodiac signs cannot enter into a permanent relationship

Diese 4 Sternzeichen können keine feste Beziehung eingehen

Love is a beautiful thing. This often turns into a partnership that lasts, if not for eternity, at least for many years. However, this is not always the case because some people simply cannot bond with them, no matter how much they love the other person. This may be due to the sign of the zodiac, among other things.

Because these four just can’t be compromised:


The Scorpio is very stubborn and proud. But in a society you often have to compromise and leave your own desires behind. This goes against the essence of this zodiac sign. When the Scorpio loves someone, they do so with great intensity and passion. But once the initial fascination wears off, the zodiac sign finds it very difficult to cope with the day-to-day problems of a relationship.. Also, Scorpios are very unforgiving and rarely forgive other people. They are not exactly the best conditions for a permanent union.


Sagittarians have a magical attraction. You can wrap many people around your finger. But they are reluctant to get involved in anything solid. Because the sign of the zodiac loves its freedom and does not want to allow itself conventional limitations. Sagittarius prefers to be independent.


Gemini loves being single and likes to have lots of adventures. But you are not looking for anything more serious, because why change something that is going so well? Geminis just want to have fun and enjoy their freedom. They rarely fall in love. But once they do, they can build a committed relationship. But it also lasts forever. After all, they have already lived longer than their single life.


Aquarians love to flirt. The zodiac sign is very charming and sociable. Aquarius also loves to be adored and surrounded by others. But conquering her heart is almost an impossibility. The zodiac sign does not believe in strong relationships. They prefer to have adventures or open relationships, but that does not mean that Aquarius never falls in love.