¡Estos tatuajes debajo del pecho son TAN hermosos!

These underbust tattoos are SO beautiful!

These underbust tattoos are SO beautiful!

Tattoo under chest

Rihanna is possibly the most famous woman to have a tattoo under her breast. The Egyptian goddess Isis adorns her chest in the center. This means that the body adornment, also known as a tattoo on the sternum or under the chest, is easily visible to everyone, for example, when the singer wears something low-cut or an ultra-short crop top. Do you think that tattoo is really beautiful too? So you can look at the motifs again here for inspiration. However, we will also tell you what to keep in mind before the tiebreaker.

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When it comes to tattoos, there are all kinds of colors, shapes, and locations. While you can choose from classic black and white tattoos, and for example opaque tattoos, colored watercolor tattoos, bright ultraviolet tattoos, or delicate white tattoos, you can also choose the body part individually and convert tattoo on something.Make something unique. In addition to tattoos on the fingers, strange tattoos on the nipples, tattoos on the feet or behind the ear, we are especially impressed by the tattoo under the chest. Why? Because it is so close to the heart in such a central and sensitive area that it can have a very special meaning. Also, there are some interesting motifs that can be displayed on the chest under the chest. But first of all we would like to give you some information that you should know before going to the tattoo artist.

Miley Cyrus has several tattoos under her chest, including the inscription “Breathe.”

Tattoo under the breast: the main questions clarified

# Where exactly do the tattoos run under the chest?

If you love someone like Rihanna, sternum is the magic word (by the way, sternum is the medical term from which one of the names is derived). This flat, sword-shaped bone runs down the center of the chest. The ribs are attached to it. This is exactly where the tattoo is placed. However, there are also variants in which the motif is placed directly under one or both breasts and does not meet in the middle. As with Miley Cyrus, this can be a short letter, for example. That, logically, would not be a sternum tattoo.

It looks good, the tattoo under the chest, but first you need to inform yourself about some important facts.

# How strong is the pain when stabbing the sternum tattoo?

The extremely thin skin over the sternum and chest is very sensitive. Piercing the ribs with the tattoo needle is not at all pleasant and can be really painful. It can get really unpleasant, especially in the solar plexus, a large network of nerves in the middle under the chest. However, the feeling of pain is different for everyone and the body gets used to the stinging after a while. You can find more information about pain when tattooing here.

# How much does a tattoo cost under the chest?

This differs from tattoo studio to tattoo studio and also depends on the size and difficulty of the motif. Depending on the effort, the tattoo under the chest costs from 200 euros. The final price can only be indicated by the tattoo artist with whom you have discussed your ideas about your motive.

# What are the risks?

As with any other tattoo, this one too can flare up so proper tattoo care is essential from the start. In the long term, you should be aware that skin aging and weight changes are especially visible in this part of the body. If you gain or lose a lot of weight or your skin becomes increasingly saggy after years, the motif may not look so beautiful at some point. And sadly, women in particular have to look the truth in the eye: sagging breasts are unavoidable in most cases and can simply cover the reason entirely.

The most beautiful motifs for tattoos under the breast

Still looking for inspiration for your tattoo stencil? Then we have collected some photos of underbust tattoos for you. Maybe there is something suitable that you can use as a guide!

A classic motif becomes a whole new eye-catcher like an underbust tattoo:

We also found this lotus flower with dotwork details very successful:

A true work of art is this underbust tattoo.:

But it doesn’t have to be that big:

Animals can also be performed as a tattoo under the chest.:

Do you need more inspiration? Here you can find 37 more unique designs for a tattoo under the chest:

Have you found a reason that you like and are really seriously considering taking the plunge? So you should not forget to properly care for your tattoo after piercing. Just take a look at our tips:

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