Frau allein im Kino

This development could destroy cinema forever

Frau allein im Kino

The youngest candidate to ever see a big screen is the real-life movie version of Disney’s Mulan. The movie should have been in theaters in the spring. Nothing came of that. But instead of postponing the start of the movie, Disney decided to move the movie to its own Disney + streaming platform. It will be available there starting September 4.

Mulan costs a little less than 22 euros extra

While streaming was long considered the end of the chain of exploitation, it is now often about premium content, often coming in UHD with Dolby Digital or even Dolby Atmos over the broadband line in the room. to be from home. The proverbial sneaker cinema dispenses with expensive popcorn, expensive drinks, and banging neighbors. But precisely because it is premium content, it is not enough for studios to market the film with a flat-rate subscription of 6.99 euros. After all, they only want the best of you: your money.

And then you can search your virtual wallet for Mulan. Not only do you need the 6.99 euro subscription for Disney +: you also have to pay an additional 21.99 euro for the so-called VIP access.

So if you just want to see Mulan, you are almost 30 euros away. A high price, considering that a movie ticket usually costs between 12 and 16 euros. But if you add popcorn and cola, your expenses quickly rise to more than 20 euros. Y: You probably rarely go to the movies alone. Mulan, in particular, should be more of a movie for the whole family and at least the 50 euro bill is in the cinema with a new owner. But you get comfortable seats, an XXL screen, and sound that you probably don’t have at home this way.

Home theater can hardly replace cinema

So is Corona the nail in the coffin in theaters? It probably is for many of them. But not because movie distributors are now pushing their movies onto streaming services. But because theaters are simply running out of breath due to prolonged closure, the low number of viewers allowed, and the few engaging movies that make it to the screen.

If families find out for themselves that home theater is much more attractive and affordable, it will be even more difficult for the remaining cinemas. But compared to a real theater, the home theater will only keep up with very few. And the event character of the cinema is also missing from the sofa. Because the motto is no coincidence: “Cinema. Movies are made for that. ” And even if the neighbor banging and whispering in line behind you is annoying: personally I’d rather pay 30 euros for a great evening at the cinema than 20 euros for a broadcast.