This girl goes out in church, then she shuts the mic off

This girl goes out in church, then she shuts the mic off

Although then he talks about love Y Faith, but it does not go into what has just been said. Also, it is impossible and very sad that he does not even let the girl speak. And that just shows powerful bigotry, it’s just not fair to Savannah.

A study from England states: all girls are bisexual or lesbian!

Mormons and homosexuality: is that possible?

In principle, Mormons recognize the existence of homosexuality on – but members can’t live it. You are often discriminated against in the community as well, in case you come out once.

What exactly is transsexuality? You can find all the information about it here: Transsexuality

But Savannah’s parents are after their little ones. At the age of 11, Savannah went to her parents and came out of the closet. He told CNN Mother heather: “I looked at her and said, ‘Okay, I love you. And I’ll support you, no matter what you do. ‘ It’s really cool that her parents accept her for who she is.

Again and again, homosexuals have to fight against prejudice; Even when YouTuber Melina came out as a lesbian, she didn’t just get positive reactions. But she resisted: Melina’s message to all haters. We definitely took our hats off to Savannah’s bravery and we think it’s great that she stood before the church and stood up for what she feels and moves.