Esta estrella de GZSZ tiene 9 meses de embarazo

This GZSZ star is 9 months pregnant

This GZSZ star is 9 months pregnant


What a surprise, you haven’t even seen a tummy on the show and now it turns out that this GZSZ star is nine (!) Months pregnant. Woohoo!

Nobody expected this news: GZSZ actress Luisa Wietzorek is pregnant, she is expecting a girl.

In recent weeks at GZSZ, she took on the role of the impostor Miriam, who posed as her long-lost sister Anneke for Paul Wiedmann. She played his sister for him for several weeks until he came out: Miriam is a journalist who was only interested in history so she could finish her novel about a missing girl. Just a few days ago she had a violent argument with Paul because he just can’t forgive her for the breach of trust. But there is no sign of the belly. “You haven’t seen him in a long time. And consequently now you can see it and it will be over soon, I will be filming again from September, “he told Promiflash.

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And then she reveals how the pregnancy is going: “I really had a very carefree pregnancy. I’m very lucky, it’s fun and I’m just a curious person and… I mean, I have an alien in me, so I’m doing great. ” However, he did not want to reveal who the father of the baby is.

Are you totally surprised by this news too? What do you think of the role of Miriam? Are you totally mad at her for not being honest with Paul and his family? Or is that exactly why you find your role exciting? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.

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