Así es como funciona una alimentación limpia

This is how clean eating works

This is how clean eating works

Fewer calories ensure that the kilos drop, a healthy diet rich in vitamins makes your skin glow and your hair shine. Sounds good right? We tell you how to do it!

Fast food in particular is particularly bad for our bodies. He reacts like a bacterial infection.

How does clean eating work?

With a healthy diet, you just have to follow a few simple rules, don’t count calories and (almost) anything that tastes good is allowed!Rule of thumb: the shorter the ingredient list, the better!

Eat clean (German: eat clean; it has nothing to do with food or washed hands!) It basically means only unprocessed, natural and whole foods taking. But that doesn’t mean you can only chop raw apples and carrots! However, highly processed and industrially produced foods should be avoided.. Of course, you can’t always bake, cook, or even harvest everything fresh. There is a useful and simple rule of thumb for this: If more than five are given in the ingredient list for processed foods, the product is not “clean” and should not be consumed instead. Also, foods with unknown ingredients are taboo among ingredients. The same applies to ingredients we cannot pronounce (a small sample, acesulfame K, monoammonium glutamate, dipotassium guanylate). These include flavor enhancers, colors and preservatives and all other E numbers.

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What else can you eat while eating clean?

Quinoa, couscous, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit and delicious vegetables, but also honey, organic meat and delicious smoothies open up new worlds of flavor, they are healthy and make you happy! White flour products like light pasta and toast, ready meals, sugar, sweets, and alcohol are removed from the menu, but there are plenty of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, protein products, and whole foods like whole wheat bread.. Of course, you can no longer go to McDonalds quickly, now you have to swing the wooden spoon more often and try new recipes and just know what you are eating. Food wrapped in plastic or wrapped in plastic remains in the “Clean Eatern” store, while only regional and seasonal products are served at home.

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If you pay attention to what you put in the shopping cart and don’t pick it up randomly, you start to eat more consciously and, above all, to be healthier. Big Side Effect: By dispensing with white flour, sugar, too much fat, and flavor enhancers, the pounds drop by themselves.

+++ Eating regularly is important +++

Also, anyone who follows the concept of clean eating should try to eat regularly and, above all, not skip breakfast. It is also important to combine complex carbohydrates (for example, brown rice) with protein (for example, fish) at each meal.

Often times, things sound healthier than they are. An example: everyone thinks that a glass of 100% orange juice from a tetrapak or a bottle has to be healthy. But if you look at the ingredient list, you will often notice that even more ingredients are specified. Because for a juice to last, it goes through various chemical processes and in some cases vital substances and vitamins are lost. To keep the juice healthy, they are added again later. But then it is no longer clean and natural! Unfortunately, the same often applies to fruits and vegetables: in agriculture, poisons are sometimes handled ruthlessly. The pesticides with which the fruits are sprayed work against pests, but unfortunately they often also harm people. Therefore, it is worth focusing more on seasonal regional organic fruits and vegetables.

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