Así de peligrosas son realmente las bebidas energéticas

This is how dangerous energy drinks really are

The combination of sugar and caffeine is fatal

Although energy drinks are so dangerous, more and more young people are turning to stimulants with caffeine. Because they’re cute and they briefly pissed you off. But the combination of caffeine and sugar is particularly fatal! Because we don’t even realize how much harmful caffeine we are pouring into ourselves. So we drift too Exercising or drinking alcohol it gets really bad: because our heartbeats increase anyway. Therefore, palpitations or cardiac death from energy drinks are even more likely.

Caution: the energy in vodka has the same effect as cocaine

So next time, think carefully about whether you want to do this to your body. Sure, energy drinks taste good, but what good is an hour-long energy boost if we suffer from stomach pain or heart arrhythmias afterwards? The next time you feel tired, have a shake (find the best shake recipes here) instead of the energy drink and bang yourself on the ear for 30 minutes. Your body will thank you.

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