Así se enteró Matthias Höhn del embarazo

This is how Matthias Höhn found out about the pregnancy

This is how Matthias Höhn found out about the pregnancy

Was aThe unexpected pregnancy! Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn met on the set of “Berlin – Day & Night”, a few weeks ago they officially announced that they are a couple. Then the news happened: BTN-Alessia is pregnant, BTN-Pascal and they want to get married before the birth. We met Jenefer Riili at the book signing of the new challenge book “Berlin – Day and Night”, we asked him how Matthias found out about the pregnancy and how he reacted at first.

BTN actors Marcel Maurice Neue and Jenefer Riili with editor Ricarda Biskoping (Image: desired)

wanted: Hi Jenefer, you look great! Congratulations on your news: engagement, pregnancy. Whats Next? Is there more good news awaiting us?

Jenefer: (laughs) I can’t think of anything spontaneously, but let’s see. You never know what surprises life brings.

We have brought you something else, you can decide which one you want … (We give him a blue plush rabbit and a pink one).

Jenefer: (laughs) Hahahahahaha. I take both.

Which one do you like the most?

Jenefer: I won’t reveal what it will be. (Laughs) But it was a good trick. Purely disgraced, I really like the pink rabbit. But that has nothing to do with gender.

What month are you in now?

Jenefer: I am in the 22nd week of pregnancy, that is, at the beginning of the sixth month.

The baby was not planned. How did you find out you were pregnant? Why did you miss your period? Or how did it go?

Jenefer: My periods have always been very irregular. That is why I thought I was not pregnant. It was more like he was like, ‘Ok, he won’t be coming now, in a couple of weeks.’ I didn’t really think about my period at all. It was more like my groin pain. Then at some point I went to the hospital, they told me they couldn’t find anything in the groin. Then I went to the gynecologist and he found out that I was pregnant.

What did you think at first?

Jenefer: It was definitely very surprising. The baby’s heart was beating too. That doesn’t work until a certain week, I think after the eighth week. That was amazing. Then the doctor turned up the volume so I could hear the heartbeat and it was an amazing moment at first. And I thought, ‘What do I do now?’

Did you cry

Jenefer: Yes, I also cried. Not yet at the gynecologist, but when I left the consultation I cried.

Was Matthias there?

Jenefer: He wasn’t there, I was alone and then I told him on WhatsApp. By voice message.

How did you react? That must have been a shock at this point, right?

Jenefer: Yes, but he also laughed. It immediately made me feel like we could do it no matter what. He immediately said that he was behind me.

Was he the first to know or did you talk to your mom or a friend beforehand?

Jenefer: No, he was the first to know, then my best friend and then my mother.

How did they react?

Jenefer: I sent my mother an ultrasound image on WhatsApp and then I cried a lot. Then she just sent a heart back, and then I spoke to her on the phone. She said that I don’t have to cry, that everything will be fine and that she will always be behind me. Yes, my friend was very divided. However, he told me he was there for me.

Why is getting married before birth so important to you?

Jenefer: To be honest, it wasn’t that important to me. I would have preferred to do everything after the birth, that is, the civil registration and the big wedding. But it’s very, very important to Matze, because Matze wants to take my name and the baby should be named after me. That is why it is important to him that the three of us have a surname.

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Did you say you wouldn’t reveal your name or did you want to take your name?

Jenefer: He immediately said he wanted my name. Immediately after the marriage proposal, he said that there was still something to announce. That he would like to take my name because he thinks the name is cool. I am very happy that you accept it.

All that sounds perfect to you, of course you are also just in love. Are there things that bother you about Matze too?

Jenefer: There are always things that get on your nerves at some point, but nothing that you can’t ignore. The only thing I can think of that bothers me is that you hear a song that you like 50,000 times in a row. (Laughter.) And by now I already know by heart some songs in Spanish that I would never hear otherwise. But that’s it. He’s a great kid.

He smokes too, right? Does it stop now?

Jenefer: Yes, he smokes. He wants to stop now. I also smoked before pregnancy, I also openly admit it. And then I left my pregnancy now. But Matze never smokes in my presence. He doesn’t smoke much in my presence either, because if he doesn’t, I always scold him. Those are the worst: those who were once smokers and then become non-smokers …

How would you have reacted if you found out unexpectedly that you were having a baby? Would you have cried too? Because this news has just changed life. Or maybe you even long for a baby and would be totally happy when it finally worked out? How would you tell your friend? Let us know in the comments if you want.