Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

This is how sex with Justin works

Nice, fit, unshaven

On the online platform “”, some girls unpacked that they were supposedly already in bed with one of the two stars. Justin Bieber is said to be in Summer 2013 with five fangirls Been on the road and then said goodbye to a girl. A girl says: “She ended up sleeping with Justin and several of his crew guys.” Spicy: At the time, Justin was still in the middle of it. Intermittent relationship with Selena Gomez, who should be even more hurt by sexual secrets than she already is. And there are more details: “There were probably five girls there, all of whom had to sign a contract and had their cell phones taken away. [Justin Bieber] he called himself JB and everyone had to sit and listen to his singing for a good hour. Meanwhile, he was smoking a lot of weed all the time. “

Calvin Harris allegedly had sex with groupies

too Calvin Harris, DJ and ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift, is not saved. Because Calvin was supposedly not just with Groupies in bed, but apparently he also likes to send Clips of his penis around the world: “One of my good friends slept with Calvin Harris. He still sends her videos of him swinging his giant penis in the mirror like a helicopter. “ such a fan girl. Oh darling. One can only hope from Taylor that Calvin has stayed true to her throughout their relationship.

Justin loves Hailey Baldwin