Así es como proteges tu cabello al peinar tus rizos

This is how you protect your hair when styling your curls

This is how you protect your hair when styling your curls

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Caterina Schöneon October 16, 2017 | 15:06

We’ll show you what’s important when you turn your straight hair into seductive beach waves. I want to do magicand I’ll give you tips on how to manage your hair structure as gently as possible when creating curls. And best of all: Exclusively for you, the reader, if you wish, there is the possibility of Curling iron, which we present to you to try for yourself!

Is your first date around the corner? Lure the man of your dreams out of the reserve, in the truest sense of the word with a cool curly look! To ensure your styling success, you need the right tool that is easy to use and gentle on your hair despite the heat.

What is important with a curling iron:

The quality of a curling iron depends on the quality of the surface. For the sake of your hair, be sure to use a high-quality ceramic sealer that distributes the heat evenly throughout your hair. The ceramic also ensures that the curling iron slides more easily out of your hair when you pull it out.

In general, you should use wide curling iron for voluminous curls and narrower for smaller corkscrew curls. The CARRERA No537 curling iron has an ideal 26mm middle solution so all styling options are open to you. You can style very light, natural-looking waves or dreamy flowing manes. We present you the gentle waves of the beach for your first date.

And this is how the look works:

Divide the individual strands about 2 to 4 cm wide and twist them from below on the hot curling iron. For a natural result, the strands can have different widths. For casual waves on the beach, keep the curling iron as vertical as possible while doing the

wrap individual strands around it. You don’t need to try to follow the exact same direction, you can always change the position of the curling iron a bit. This creates a particularly lively, beach-like look. It is also important not to wind the strands to the base, but to stop about 10-15 cm earlier.

It is not necessary to turn the CARRERA curler on to maximum temperature to achieve the desired result. Just test how hot it has to be to give your hair a beautiful shape. Precise temperature control allows you to set the exact desired temperature

adjust. It goes from 120 to 210 ° C in 10 degree steps, displayed on a modern LED display. Try to keep the temperature as low as possible. In addition, the thermally insulated curling iron tip ensures safe and precise styling every time.

Keep the curling iron as vertical as possible for fresh, natural-looking beach waves.

Hold the strands in the curling iron for about 7 seconds. Of course, the ends of your hair are particularly stressed. Not only are they in contact with the hot ceramic surface for the longest time after being clamped, but they are also exposed to the greatest force. Does that want a hair tip? No. That is why CARRERA integrated a narrow silicone strip into the heating rod, thanks to its adhesive properties, sensitive hair ends can be fixed without additional effort. This is how you gently style your hair.

At the end, you run your fingers through your hair, making the curls a little softer. And now to date!

With this cool curl style, you can really look forward to your date.

Would you like to use the CARRERA No537 curling iron? hold it in your own hands and create romantic, wild or casual looks with it, without causing significant damage to the hair? Then apply before October 23, 2017 for product trial with CARRERA *. Become one of the 60 testers and receive a bonus from Amazon with which you can use the curling iron very comfortably you can order at home. We wish you good luck!

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