Aplicaciones: WhatsApp obtiene pegatinas animadas, Facebook obtiene el modo oscuro y las extensiones de Firefox 3

This is new on WhatsApp, YouTube Music and Twitter right now

Apps: WhatsApp gets animated stickers, Facebook gets dark mode and Firefox 3 extensions

Some innovations have been started for WhatsApp, AnyDo, Twitter and YouTube Music, which are available to users of Android applications.

The new news roundup covers the latest innovations for three popular applications. For WhatsApp there is now a link with AnyDo so that you can create a new task in the To-Do application through a chat message on WhatsApp. The reminders that can be received through WhatsApp are also new. “With WhatsApp you can easily create tasks and receive reminders. Available on all WhatsApp-enabled devices around the world. “

You can find more about this on a special page on WhatsApp + AnyDo. In other countries, it is normal for many more everyday functions to be used directly in the Messenger application. I think that’s good too.

Twitter cancels compression

In recent years, Twitter has always compressed photos and images that have been posted. This is done, only thumbnails and other previews should be displayed at reduced quality. However, the actual photo remains practically intact and is therefore available in high quality.

YouTube Music allows us to share artists

There is a small but interesting innovation for YouTube Music. From the Android app, we can now forward artist profile pages too. Through Twitter, WhatsApp and many other applications. There is a new arrow pointing to the right in the YouTube Music app on the top bar if you’ve opened a profile page.

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