El software de Samsung revela nuevas funciones de la cámara del Galaxy S11 / S20

This is probably the actual camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 +

Samsung has given the upcoming Galaxy S11 + an even more extensive main camera, about which more details and a first image are known.

In recent weeks there has been a little discussion about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S11 +. A leak should show us the design of the new high-end smartphone from the start, but the camera modules looked a bit wildly placed. Today an insider wants to be able to better explain how the main 108 MP camera and its add-on modules are built. At least in part, not all is known yet.

In the first leak, as the picture below shows, the camera modules are arranged quite messy and messy. That shouldn’t seem so crazy with the affordable Galaxy S11 +. My inner Monk wouldn’t be able to cope with that either, and yours might not either.

Galaxy S11 +: vertical arrangement of the most important camera sensors

In any case, IceUniverse says that on the left side of the main chamber there are three modules aligned vertically one below the other. First ultra wide angle, then 108 MP main camera and below the periscope camera for zoom. “I don’t know the exact distribution on the right side. It is expected that the LED flash and a ToF sensor will be included there ”.

Basically, as is already known, the optical design remains in such a way that all the camera modules on the back are in a black rectangle. Samsung has already introduced the first devices with this design.