Das ist der richtige Neujahrsvorsatz für dein Sternzeichen

This is the correct New Years resolution for your zodiac sign

Das ist der richtige Neujahrsvorsatz für dein Sternzeichen

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and there is the question of good resolutions for the new year again. What should I plan for 2019? Is there something you want to change? Don’t worry, we have the answer to your questions. Your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your bad habits that you should definitely get rid of in 2019 or things that you have neglected so far and should definitely address in the new year.


You need more quality time for yourself and your family in 2019. Work and career were your number one priority in 2018, now is the time to focus on other things again. Lately you have been neglecting your friends, your family and yourself.


Capricorn should look for a new hobby in the New Year and break out of its rigid structures. This zodiac sign always prefers to play it safe out of fear of failing and not meeting his own perfectionist demands. That should change in 2019: finally take the singing lessons you’ve always wanted to do, learn a new instrument, try a whole new sport or learn a new language, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, the main thing is you at least what I tried.


You could hardly part with Netflix in the past. Your perfect resolution for 2019 – read more. Lastly, grab a good book, reading can be as fun as watching a series. Who knows, you might become a binge reading queen in the New Year.


2019 will finally be your year when it comes to cooking. His New Year’s Resolution: Say goodbye to takeout and prepared meals at the turn of the year and finally want to try his luck on the stove.


Your resolution for 2019: get more out of yourself and stay social. Unfortunately, you neglected it a bit in 2018. Libras are very fair and harmonious people, so they also assume that everyone will always like them. But they often seem to forget that they also have to actively do something for friends. That should change in the new year.


Cleaning is your motto for the new year. Finally, you should get rid of the old ballast and clean your four walls, thoroughly. Not only your wardrobe, but also the rest of your apartment is almost overflowing. Free yourself and mess it up.


Your New Year’s Resolution: Finally, get back to your old hobby! Cancers are very emotional people and they like to reminisce, but they really allow them to come alive, but they never do. In 2019 it will be time to bring the past to the present and start anew with your old hobby, which has always made you happy.


Aquarians have a good heart. You should use this in 2019 to get socially involved and help other people, this makes this zodiac sign really happy and makes everyday life really work again.


You should travel more in 2019. Sagittarius is totally adventurous and loves to discover new places. In 2018, however, that was too short. It’s time to discover more about the world!


New year’s resolution: get rid of a negative quality. Scorpios aren’t really disciplined, but you can start small. How about thinking more positively, being more punctual, less complaining, or at least ditching a big truck and quitting!


Pisces had a good time in 2018 and gave himself to everything he wanted. This can now also be seen in the account. In 2019, this zodiac sign should step back financially and bring order back to chaos – the perfect New Years resolution.


Your New Years Resolution: Digital Detox. Without a smartphone, laptop, and the Internet, nothing works for you, because you should always know everything right away. However, this means that much of what is going on around him is lost and that his friends are quickly neglected. The best thing you can do is get over your cell phone addiction and look at your cell phone less in 2019. Enjoy a break on Instagram and social media in the new year and enjoy the real life around you, it will definitely make you all right.