Esta tendencia mística del cabello se parece a la luna de sangre

This mystical hair trend looks like the blood moon

This mystical hair trend looks like the blood moon

Blood Moon Hair

Blood Moon Hair, in English “Blood Moon Hair”, is the new trend hair color 2018! The name is based on the extremely rare super blood moon that rose in the sky in late January. As eerily as this red-blue sky phenomenon is the new color, we’re guaranteed to be able to admire it on the heads of some fashion-conscious women this year.

We asked the inventor of the look, hairstylist Megan Schipani, what inspired her to create this look and how you can conjure it up in your hair. “I’ve been feeling a bit ‘out of place’ lately and I’ve been struck by the fact that this probably has something to do with the blood moon,” he reveals.

However, instead of being discouraged, he decided to create a color inspired by the stunning moon. “There are many phenomena and wonders of nature that appear in the sky and they constantly give me new ideas for my appearance. As an artist, this makes me feel more connected to nature, ”she explains.

This is how you conjure the glow of the blood moon in your hair

But how does the mystical looking red-blue color gradient come out in the hair? And can you dye it yourself at home? The answer is yes and no. It depends on how resilient you think your hair has, because “for this color to be really that intense, it should be applied to bleached hair. I recommend lightening your hair to level 8 or more, ”explains Megan Schipani. By the way, level 8 here means a light blonde.

Did you know that there are 14 different shades of blonde? We have summarized them here:

If you don’t trust yourself to do that whitening at home, you should visit a trusted hairdresser to get the perfect blood moon look. “I always recommend taking a photo with the exact look to the hairdresser. We all interpret colors differently ”, advises the stylist.

You need these colors for Blood Moon Hair

A reddish orange hue is then added to the lightened focus, similar to a strong blue orange hue. The rest of the hair is dyed a dark blue, slightly silver and almost black (for example, Midnight Blue by Directions *) to make the mysterious red-blue moonlight on your head come true.

Y? In the mood for Blood Moon Hair already? Let us know in the comments if you will try the new trending look.

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