Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

This YouTuber has now been arrested for child pornography!

Incomprehensible: Austin Jones, YouTube star was arrested Tuesday at his Chicago residence! The 24-year-old cover singer is said to have asked his fans to tell him pornographic videos on Facebook and iMessage to show his love for fans, as reported by But not only that: the two alleged victims were the first 14 and 15 years and therefore underage!

According to police files, the 24-year-old admitted pornographic videos having asked the two girls, reported. Got both instructions taking into account how they should behave in the videos and what to wear. According to the records, it is also said that he asked the alleged victims to say your age out loud in the video. Therefore, the 24-year-old was aware that the girls were still minors. Austin Jones isn’t the only YouTuber going to court. Then-YouTuber Tom Laywood, 18, was also convicted of sexual abuse of underage viewers. It’s disgusting how these YouTubers exploit the love of their viewers’ fans!