Thriller vs. Vampires

Thriller vs.  Vampires

According to critics, this reading shouldn’t be for the faint of heart, just brimming with tension. But don’t worry, of course a love story will continue to happen.

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On her website, the author has already revealed some details to her fans about what her latest work is about.

“He worked for the United States government, but few knew about it. She was an expert in her field. Now he never stays in one place for long and never uses the same name. The only person she trusted killed her. ” She is still in great danger because she knows so many secrets. They want her dead, and very soon. When your former boss offers you a way out, it’s your only option. But it also means one last job for your former employer. To her horror, she learns things that only make the situation more dangerous for her. Ready to face danger, she prepares for the toughest fight of her life, but falls in love with a man. That complicates everything. Will he have any chance of surviving now? It has to see how it becomes less and less capable. She has to start using her unique talents in ways that she would never have dreamed of doing. “The book will be published in English in November 2016, we can’t wait to wait!

Stephenie Meyer is now also among the producers. Find out what mystery romance is here!