Mandriles de corbata

Tie Mandrels


With colored laces her shoes and lacing become even more noticeable. Once upon a time, certain shoelace colors represented a certain political stance in some circles. While the skinheads white laces He was dressed relatively neutral in black Doc Martens (combat boots or rangers), the Nazis gave this color of laces the meaning of “white power”, a sign of the white skin color, which was only superior to his eyes. Red shoelaces they mostly wore punks. Yellow shoelaces they were attributed to hooligans or apolitical people. It is not entirely clear if there is something to this definition of the color of the laces. It is believed that the media myth driven. So you don’t have to worry and you can choose the color you would like to use. Especially on chucks, because they usually have white laces anyway and are absolutely neutral.Tip: With fresh socks you can get even more out of your shoes! There are cords in different materials, for example cotton, synthetic fiber (blends) and leather. They are braided, woven or woven. The shape of the laces is also different. The so-called meet in hip-hop Fat lacesthey are very wide and flat. The chucks also have flat laces. Shoelaces are protected from fraying with a metal or plastic pin. Plastic cords are also usually welded to the front, so you can try tying the mandrels right away – check them out Chucks in the gallery!