¿Timo está mejor?

Timo is better?

Timo is better?

In Twitter Liont has now changed his name and is now called “LNT XTRM”. But that’s not the only change that requires a fresh start – it also seems to have a lot of projects at the beginning! Because he tweeted: “2017. A new album. And a new tour. What about that?”

He also supports a great impression video of his ex-girlfriend Dagi with a post! We are happy that Timo is seemingly better and hope that he can finally start the way he wants.

+ + 09/15: Now Timo speaks plain text + +

“What happened to YouTube?”Timo asks at the beginning of the video. So much hatred and anger on the video platform is killing him. He asks his followers to think twice before commenting hatefully. Because the normal behavior of the hater makes him sad and often keeps him from sleeping at night. The comments below his video are almost all positive, viewers think it’s good that haters’ comments are finally being addressed on YouTube. We also think this is a good statement from Timo and we hope he doesn’t take the comments as seriously in the future as he did after the release of his first album; At the time, he even thought about committing suicide after completely criticizing on the video platform. has been…

++ Review: Drunk Scam on YouNow ++

My God, what was wrong with Timo? On the weekend of April 4-5 In June, the YouTuber appeared at four in the evening on YouNow totally drunk. For 15 minutes he hardly speaks, seems totally absent and just sits topless in front of the camera. There he wrote in the comments that he and Katrin had separated. In a long video, Timo himself explains what was wrong with him.