Consejo para el libro: el búho con la protuberancia

Tip for the book: the owl with the bump

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You keep asking me what books we read when children were little. We have a large children’s library at home and a book has been with us for over 4 years: The Owl with the Bump. Today I tell you why we love the book, what else about the owl with the bump and how you can make the owl with the bump with your kids:

Since the children around 10 months We are old, we have the owl with the pothole at home. The story is about the little owl who has a “woe”: a hit. Your animal friends want to help the owl. Each animal treats the wound differently (plaster, blown,…) until Mama Owl arrives at the end and comforts the owl boy. The book is great for interactive reading: Blow, caress, … and helps with so many real ailments.

The owl with the bump is perfect for young children suitable. the thick pages can be rotated easily and are almost indestructible. Illustrations are great loving and not so messy. This allows children to focus on the essentials. the two line text is simple and understandable and in Rhyme form.

Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows

Series: Owl’s Friends with the Bump

Meanwhile there is from the Series of books and sequels and other similar books (some are also available as handy buggy books):

  • Good night, owl!
  • The owl is bathing
  • The owl is celebrating Christmas
  • The beaver has a fever
  • The lobster has problems
  • The mouse with the louse
  • The fox doesn’t hear a peep
  • The hornless unicorn in front
  • The unicorn seeks the rainbow

Unfortunately, I don’t know all of them, but I do know a few: At the pediatrician’s office, we regularly read The Beaver and the Lobster in the waiting room. Our favorite is “Good night, little owl!” because it’s so realistic 😉 The owl is supposed to go to sleep in the book, but instead he jumps, he’s thirsty, then he has to go to the bathroom… Well, does that sound familiar?

“She builds a bed out of very soft moss, but instead of sleeping, she climbs on it.”

My 4 year old daughter still thinks the book is fun and when there is only time for a little story in the evening she always takes this book.

Owl with the tip of the book of blowsAlso great, but with a bit more text than the rest of the books: The owl flies to the stars.

Audiobooks: Owl with the Bump

In addition to the books, there are also suitable audiobooks (and also very magical non-book items) of the owl:

  • The Owl with the Bump (Audiobook of Songs)
  • The owl is celebrating Christmas! (Audiobook of songs)
  • The owl with the pothole and his friends (album of songs)
  • The little owl flies to the stars (audio book of songs)

By the way, we have the first and last CD at home. Now there is one Owl Tonie Figure *.

Owl with the tip of the book of blows

Music video of the owl with the bump

There are also very nice music videos of the owl with the bump and other great books. These inspire all young children and are super practical if you have to cut your nails straight, for example. A three minute mummy stunt, so to speak.

If you and your kids are big fans of owls too or will be soon, then I have three simple craft ideas for you with the little owl.

Easy Craft Ideas: The Owl with the Bump

Image of owl with bump

For the image, we cut a circle from colored paper. The template for the circle was a bowl. Small white circles are the eyes, an orange triangle is the beak. Glue everything on a white paper and then paint the hands of the little ones with finger paints or as we paint with watercolors. My daughter has already made her owl by herself and is very proud of it.

Owl with the tip of the book of blowsThe daughter made an owl and I made one. Do you know who did what?

Tealight owl with bump

Especially now, in the fall, we like to light candles at night. Paper tea light bags can be transformed into an owl with the help of markers and pens. Better to even use springs found by myself of your walks. If they continue to be used, your kids will surely like it.

Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows

Caution: Use LED tea lights or put a real tea light in an empty jam jar so nothing starts to burn.

Lantern owl with bump

And since fall is also the time for lantern parades, we have one Recycled Tetra Pack Milk Carton Into Owl Lantern. To do this, we paint the milk carton brown, cut out eyes, wings and a pattern on the belly with a cutter and cover them with greaseproof paper. A pipe cleaner serves as a handle. So even the youngest children can carry the flashlight.

Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows Owl with the tip of the book of blows

Since books are the most beautiful and sensible gifts for me, I can warmly recommend the owl with the bulge series books to all mothers with young children. With cute accessories like the cozy warming pillow or the owl music box, they make the perfect Christmas gift, or what do you think?

Much love, Lisbeth

Owl with the tip of the book of blows

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