Consejos y trucos para tu entrenamiento

Tips and tricks for your training

Of course, you will also find apprenticeships later on, but then of course it may be that the exact position you really want is already filled.

What training is right for me?

So far so good, but do you really have no idea what profession you want to pursue later? Then take a look at our many professions that we have featured here at Mä Maybe there is something suitable for you. 😉

Profession: tour guide

Beach, sun and palm trees – a great place to work! We spoke to Nico, a tour guide from the “ruf” child and youth tour operator, and he told us exactly what his job is like and what requirements you must meet to work as a tour guide.

Profession: Game designer

Do you like to gamble and want to develop games yourself? So maybe the game designer profession is right for you. We have all the information about the game designer profession for you.

Profession: fashion designer

Do you like working with fabrics, do you love styling and have many creative ideas? Then fashion designer could be your dream job. We tell you what requirements you have to meet and how a fashion designer works: Fashion designer profession

Profession: fashion stylist

Many fashion-loving girls think about working as fashion stylists, meeting great designers, and earning a lot of money. But how does a stylist really work? And what training do you need for this? Fashion Stylist Denise Med Has The Answers: Fashion Stylist Profession

Profession: makeup artist

Doing the stars to perfection, creating your own looks, traveling, and constantly meeting new and interesting people on film, television, or at fashion shows – is this how you envision the makeup artist profession? Then check if it really is. We have all the important facts!

Profession: Model

Work today in Rome, tomorrow in Miami and the day after tomorrow in Düsseldorf? Do you have champagne parties with Naomi, Heidi Klum & Co.? Participate in exciting photo shoots? Sure, that’s it, right? We conducted an interview with the modeling agency m! A and the pros will tell you what’s important: Do you have what it takes to be a model?

Profession: singer

Are you talented and dream of becoming a singer? Eva (19) did it! The friendly singer-songwriter from Karlsruhe has good advice for you and reveals what is important in this profession in the music business, because there is no typical training for it: How can I become a singer?

Profession: Actress

Perhaps you have also dreamed of being an actress in front of a television or film camera? For series like Berlin – Day, GZSZ or Cologne 50667 talented young people are always sought. This is how the acting profession can come true for you …

Profession: veterinarian

Are you down to earth and want to become a vet? So you feel like a lot of girls who see it as a call to care for sick animals. But what other requirements do you need? How much do you earn in training and later in your job? We asked a vet: this is how I become a vet

Profession: Biological Technician Assistant

Would you like to work in a laboratory and find experiment kits not super boring but super exciting? Are you research, environmental protection and medicine? Then the “Biological Technician Assistant (BTA)” job might be what you need!